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ClearPrep cytology is a partially-automated methodology that produces high quality, true monolayer slides. Numerous split sample and parallel clinical trials comparing ClearPrep to conventional preparations and also to the two leading machine-based technologies have shown that the ClearPrep slides are superior to the conventional preps, and at least as good as the more automated systems. There is strong evidence that the ClearPrep methodology has several advantages, particularly in the areas of glandular cell evaluation, optical clarity, and cellularity at a much lower cost.

The commitment to total robotics and automation comes at a price. It is well understood that not all patient samples are created equal, and unless adjustments and allowances are made for difficult and challenging samples, the finished slide will be compromised. The ClearPrep technology allows for “sample specific” adjustments to eliminate mechanical artifacts and reduced cellularity.  It is a simple technology that is easily incorporated into the laboratory routine. The system, which helps standardize and enhance the preparation of the finished slide, includes the following components: