Resolution Biomedical produces high-quality, consumable diagnostic products that improve laboratory test results.

Our products include ClearPrep, an FDA-registered cytopathology platform that facilitates the preparation of true mono-layer sample slides for general use liquid-based cytology applications.

Resolution Transport Tubes facilitate the preservation and transport of viral samples for PCR testing. Resolution Transport Tubes and media have been validated for the detection of SARS-cov-2, HPV, herpes, chlamydia, and infectious agents.

High-Quality Products


ClearPrep is a proven diagnostic preparation process for more accurate, cost-effective, liquid-based cytology tests.

Gynemed Brush

Resolution Biomedical recommends The Gynemed Brush for better cytology collection.

Resolution Transport Tubes

The Resolution Biomedical Transport media does not require refrigeration during transport or storage, eliminating cold packs and coolers.

Our Recent Certifications

Resolution BioMedical ISO 13485
ARTG Certificate – ClearPrep Collection Vial
ARTG Certificate – ClearPrep Laboratory Pack