Resolution Biomedical


Delivers high-quality, consumable diagnostic healthcare system that significantly improve test results in a cost-effective manner. It is our mission to provide better care to the medical laboratory, healthcare professional and patient. The company’s system line features: ClearPrep, an FDA registered cytopathology product that facilitates the preparation of true mono-layer sample slides for general use liquid-based cytology applications.


ClearPrep is a proven diagnostic preparation process for more accurate, cost-effective, liquid-based cytology tests. ClearPrep produces a true mono-layer, high-quality microscope sample slide without the need for complicated and expensive equipment. No product provides a BETTER range of benefits to a laboratory, pathologist, or technician in such a simple and reliable manner as ClearPrep. Upgrade your lab to ClearPrep today.

Gynemed Brush

Resolution Biomedical recommends The Gynemed Brush for better cytology collection. For more information click on this link: