5/27/15 – Resolution Biomedical Granted US Patent

Resolution Biomedical Granted US Patent

Unique collection vial improves celluarity of collected sample.

TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA – Resolution Biomedical, Inc. announced today that it has been issued US Patent No. 9,039,636, “Devices & Methods for Enhanced Cellular Sample Transfer” covering the unique ClearPrep sample collection vial.

“Our vial features vertical ridges on the inside wall which serve to dislodge sample material from the collection device. This simple innovation yields a more robust sample for various laboratory tests,” described Donald Williams, MD, Chief Medical Officer and primary inventor of the device.

In addition to being registered with the US FDA & CE Marked, ClearPrep Next-Generation Liquid-Based Cytology has been validated for all types of cytology, which is used to test for certain types of cancer, including cervical, oral, bladder, thyroid, among others. ClearPrep has also been validated on leading molecular-based HPV/STI testing platforms. ClearPrep features a unique patented sample collection vial that improves patient outcomes by increasing cellularity of samples
at the point of collection.

Please see www.clearprepcytology.com for further information and distribution contacts.

About Resolution Biomedical, Inc.

Resolution Biomedical was founded in 2009 to develop and launch ClearPrep Next-Generation Liquid-Based Cytology. ClearPrep is used by medical testing laboratories for preparation of samples for screening of several types of cancer. It is currently available in the United States and multiple countries around the world. The company is licensed by the California Department of Public Health, is ISO 13485 certified and its facility has been registered with the US FDA.

Contact: Terence Lynch

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